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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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families. their votes earned them a spot on the uninvited list. i heard families not getting together. >> my mother in law always says no religion or politics. >> a good rule. >> it is "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i'm going to, a notification of intend to withdraw from transpacific partnership, we'll negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs in industry back on american shores. >> i will cancel job killing restrictions on production of american energy. creating many millions of high paying jobs, on regulation, every one newing regulation, two old regulations must be
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eliminated. i will direct department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. as part of our plan to drain will swam we'll impose a 5 year ban on officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration. these are just a few of the steps we'll take to reform washington and rebuild our middle class, i will provide more updates in the coming days as we work together to make america great again for everyone and i mean everyone. liz: president-elect trump taking his message to the american people. laying out a list of the executive actions to create jobs and drain the swamp in washington, d.c. as all 3 major indices hit
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historic highs today, welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth macdonald feeling in for deirdre bolton. and trump is 53% approval rating with 40% confident he can deal with the economy. this outpaces that of bill clinton, george w. bush, obama or even reagan ahead of their. and mitt romney is a top candidate for trump secretary of state spot, also, another rumored pick is dr. ben carson, could be hud secretary. senator brown could be choice to run the v.a., but first a look with a look at floor of new york stock exchange. reporter: a second day in a row. the dow crosses psychological milestone level of 19,000,
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s&p, goes above 2200 for first time, nasdaq also lifetime high for a second consecutive day, everyone here on wall street is thanking donald trump, they are calling this the trump rally. these are major dow stops that make up the bulk of the gains on the dow, goldman sachs up 200. unitedhealth and caterpillar rounding out top 3, trump has been talking about deregulates banking industry, that is why goldman is in there, infrastructure spending caterpillar should benefit, and sector in particular that have soared, performing outstanding. industrials, shares of alaska air, alliance data, and boeing. increase travel with a better shaping up economy. consumer stocks, a lot of discretionary names, a lot of
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traditional brick and mortars had earnings that beat the streets, bucking the trend, office office, and chico -- was depot and stables up. liz: we have former senator scott brown, you could possibly be president-elect's choice to head department of veterans affairs, you met with mr. trump yesterday, good to have you on. senator, it looks like mr. trump is the social media president. a new era going around the media. do you think he could do it? do you think he could pull off the executive actions without congress stepping in afterwards? >> i would be shocked with a republican administration, a
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lot of what this president, unlike president obama he used his pen and phone to circumvent the constitution and congress. the president does have it within his authority to do away with what president obama did with some of the regulations, specially with coal and immigration and -- >> we're having technical difficulties here, you are with us? >> i am here. liz: the phone was breaking up,. >> i apologize. liz: okay. so, you know it looks like mr. trump pick things he could get done in that amount of time, no me mention of obamacare othe wall or iran deal, these things he picked looked like things that could be done. >> he can get those done right
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away, that not a problem, just because he did not mention them, he is not even president yet, and he is already moving forward with his message of bringing it to the people. talking about thins that will immediately help to create jobs. i can tell you, when i was with him yesterday, i recognized -- he was rested and in command and at ease. everyone had a job, they were doing it well. i was excited to see that. liz: we're hearing that mitt romney is a top of the list to be secretary of state, ben carson could are considered to run hud. two rivals for this gop candace your thoughts? >> i was going to ask that very question, i think it would be a brilliant choice, two billionaires who battled
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badly through outs election cycle, they are comin together for betterment of our country it brings part of our party back together but it gives somebody much better than john kerry and help restore faith with our allies. and two guys -- can get together and put their differences aside for the country is a good lesson for those who are out there protesting. with regard to ben carson, he is a great guy. i am passion nat, i know there are issues it would be a blessing to have him there, he cares so much about the jobs and job creation, and the best way to stimulate -- absolutely. liz: senator scott brown thank you so much for your time. >> trump supporters charge the lock up hillary clinton at rallies, listen.
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>> lock her up. >> lock her up. liz: trump's senior advise or kellyanne conway saying that trump will not pursuit against hillary clinton. during today a meeting a reporter tweeted out that trump said no, when asked if he is taking investigation off the table for clinton, and trump is pressed -- if he has ruled out purse cuting -- let's take it to our power
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panel. good to be with you, sounds like trump wants the country to heal and move on. does it set a bad precedence? >> i think that you know hillary, i think will get what is coming to her, one way or another. i am not sure it is the primary, on the hearts and minds of the voters. they are much more concerned about the economy. we're already seeing some amazing things happen, and he has not even takey en was on yet. and they are concerned about national security, loosening regulations and taxes. i think he knows perhaps, some things we don't go other investigations that might come to light as we go forward. liz: richard. to gina's point, kellyanne conway said that, not what trump is thinking about now, sounds like he is leaning
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toward now, what do you think? >> now do we know? kellyanne goes on this morning, says it is not happening, then, we're told by "new york times," tweeters, that maybe it will. look, i think we'll see a lot of this, we saw it during the campaign. trump in a couple of sentences said the opposite things in the same comment, that will be confusing for market and public. i hope that he does prosecute hillary clinton in a perverse way, it would be made clear once and for all there is nothing she did that was culpable criminally it would be an embarrassment to him and the justice department to do that. it would cost legal fees but i know there there would be nothing at the end of the day. liz: trump met with 5 news
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yesterday. >> here are some of the -- defiant trump blasts tv news in private meeting, trump meets with news executives and anchors so he can berate them in person, can there be a reset? >> it would be healthy. he spent large parts of the campaign playing his supporters to look at people in the press, giving them the finger, people in the pri press were scared. calling people out by name, that people should criticize them rather kind -- >> you know, should they be scared when they sit at their desk and write stories that attack? >> that person writing that
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story can be sued. liz: i hear that. >> you tell me, if everything that comes out of your mouth, how would you like on be sued if occasionally event if liz mac-- mack donald mack don # macdonald said something unfair or unfriendly. >> they say the first 100 days will be horrible. >> i am glad to know they have a crystal ball that the rest of us don't, seems that things are happening with the market today since president-elect trump was elected, it is not so bad for the planet, i guess it depends on what part of the planet you are talking about. two points made, how would any democrat politician, like being the target of abuse by the media over and over again. no ever -- no --
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>> hillary clinton did get her coverage. there was a lot of coverage. >> look at her family. look at president-elect trump's family. liz: it went either way. >> no level of scrutiny of president-elect trump no one. liz: okay. appreciate that. thank you. >> my next guest said that media is playing down trump's all-time market high and approval rating, there is a story out there that is serious one that has to do with white is up realmist -- supremacists celebrating trump's victory in washington dc, we'll bring that story to you next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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>> disturbing celebration of president-elect victory by some in so-called alt-right, members gathered last weekend in washington for a hate-filled tribute to trump, they don't say the words nazis. that is what they are, is that enough from trump camp or do you think he is still trying to court the fringe supporters. >> trump's team on defensive, civil right group urging president-elect to denounce at alt-right. >> included nazi salutes, and also chanting it happened blocks away from national holocaust museum this weekend. liz: that meeting happened at ronald reagan building in washington d.c., richard spencer and white supremacists .
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there are concerns about connects. also bannon came from breitbart news, he said that economic nationalism he said that to "wall street journal ." my next guest, brenel, president-elect trump denying he did anything to energize alt-right movement, he said that donald trump said i disavow the alt-right group. >> donald trump ran for presidency of the united states, that is interesting thing. i keep telling people, white people, black people, hispanics, arabs, a lot of people voted black nationalists, white nationalists, i am sure racists do vote for donald trump i'm sure nonracist
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people did vote, that is the problem right now we have to stop talking about everything in terms of race. and let's talk about america. donald trump, is putting people in office, who are interested in making sure that our economy is going to grow, and go forward. so many people were hurt, in this last 8 years, inia you know in our country, when the jobs left. and even before that, so, that is the problem we have to stop talking about race, let's talk about how we'll make this nation better as americans. donald trump ran as the america first candidate, he is going about the business of taking care of america first. so, what i would say is, white is up rel -- supremists of going to salute him say he is wonderful and great just like black people i remember when
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our president barack obama won, people were clapping hands jumping for joy, a roomful of black people, there is nothing wrong with buyin being proud of your race and who they are. there is something wrong with hurting someone in the process, in that celebration, who did they hurt? they did not hurt me or you. liz: they believe in, is offensive. a lot of viewers, their families went to war to fight against nazi. >> absolutely. liz: and a lot of many trump voters are so offended at being painted racist. >> absolutely. liz: it is unfair to them, something else that trump did today, burn else, -- brunell, he said if he thought that steve bannon was racist, high would not have him. >> he would never have chosen him, i know, that donald trump our president-elect, he has
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disavowed these groups, he said i'm not with that, we have to do circumstance -- is, let him be the leader, he has opinion been chosen, the people have chosen him, donald trump said he will be president ar al -- for all people. the same white people that voted two times for barack obama. are current report are same people that voted for donald trump how did all of a sudden they dewelcom they become racist. majority of people, blacks, white, hispanic, arabs, chinese, we voted for change. donald trump promised change. and he said americans will be put back to work, he said he will build that wall, he said he will protect our second amendment rights, he will protect our religious freedoms
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that has zier zero to do with color of our skin, it has to do with the character of our nation, that is what donald trump is bringing, bringing back our pride in our nation as americans. so if the white supremacists are pride full and happy he is bringing back america, great, and black nationalists are maybe he is bringing back america, great, they are the minority. the majority of people said yes to donald trump because we wanted change. liz: thank you droui brunell, always a please our to have you on. >> god bless you and god ple bless america. liz: we'll play you his comments after this. >> he will be your president.
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if you do not like that, you need to go to another country.
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>> you voted for him or did not vote for him, he if you are a citizen of the united states, he is your president, he will be your president. and if you do not likethat, you need to go to another country. liz: tough talk from a federal judge overseeing a swearing in ceremony for new citizens in san antonio, texas. today he was removed from the job, he lost his job as swearing in new citizens. judge said it was meant to be unifying what he said, and hopeful to the office of presidency and trump
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administration. the judge also noted he did not vote for donald trump, so, will actions like this, unify the country? will things like that help? more on that, bring back our political panel. richard, what do you think, is this helpful? >> i think this judge should go back and take constitutional law. liz: why do you think that? >> think if rush limbaugh said to his audience, if you don't like barack obama you should go to door -- to another country, home people listen to rush like barack obama. there is freedom of speech, and assembly. and notion of that judge saying something that moranic. he is lucky he is still a judge. liz: gina? >> i think that it is an option, these people want to become citizens of america, i
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think throwing out that is an option is not a horrible thing, i don't think he should have lost his job for it in light of fact he did notvote for president-elect trump, and also in light of fact that you know he was speaking to people who are new citizens saying, this is the new president. and there is so much rhetoric out there, as you know, many people, people who don't get to watch your network, they don't understand, they believe things that are not true. they believe mr. trump said, and did things, that are not true, because the spin internationally, has been insane. it would not surprise me if a lot of these people believe thins about president-elect trump that are not true, and may have been what he is addressing, hard to know what precipitated these comes. >> good point. we had 4 police officers shot within 24 hours. in 4 different cities, two of those were said to be targeting officers in uniform.
5:29 pm
that is assassination of a police officer, justice department however now finding, -- fining, slapping finds on den very sheriff department for not hiring noncitizens. let's back up. what is going on? is justice department, questioned, why are you not investigating the assassination of 34s police officers, instead you are saying you have to hire noncitizens, colorado law does not restrict hiring noncitizens, federal government stepping in to police department saying you should hire noncitizens. >> this is another perfect example of how this administration has his priorities so backwards this administration has still not
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come to the defense of our mi men and women, this is a tragedy. i would say looking at people that president-elect trump is looking at such as jeff sessions for attorney general, i think that is about to change, he has been supportive of law enforce. and i think that going forward, these families can have should assurance, our hearts go out to them, that this president does not even have decency to stand and defend and demand an investigation of what seems to be something that is chronic in the nation. liz: richard. with this colorado story. the thinking it noncitizens have language skills that could help local police officered. maybe you know. certain groups in police force what do you think. >> first of all, assassinating police officers is horrible. mornobody is disputing that, your audience should know that street crime, are almost at
5:31 pm
all-time low. u.s. -- >> i am sorry, we have been reporting. been a spike higher in fatalities of police officers, on the job. >> i agree, it is horrible, i'm saying that crime, generally, these are inexcusable this should not happen, so happened in denver, which has a democratic mayor. that may were failing to enforce, a statute passed by congress that required the considering of noncitizen applicants, if they have a beef they should take it up on congress. but, should there be -- these are random, these efforts, to assassinate police officers were not organized. should something be done yes. liz: gina and richard thank you. coming out of the bottom of hour, this is what many voters
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have been worried about. a terror attack, in u.s., one of thwarted in new york city's times square. it was modeled after the attack in france, used a truck . this happened days before new york city thanksgiving day parade. one of the bissis busiest travel days of the year. john bolton is with us next, don't go away.
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liz: welcome back, federal government ratcheting up terror warnings as the holidays approach. we have this, an envelope, exploded in philadelphia. we have a u.s. alert for american traveling to europe after france, france bas -- foiling a significant isis plot, terror worries are at a heightened state right now. this is one of th busiest travel days of the year. joining us now john bolton. let's get to new york terror arrest. the terrorist, rafiq traveled to turkey, then yemen, trying to join isis, then came home to brooklyn.
5:37 pm
plot involved driving a truck through times square. how did he get in and out. in isis sympathizer? what happened? >> i think it shows our vetting procedures even in united states are inadequate, we do not have adequate ways of tracing some of these people, investigators came up with this potential plot they deserve credit. it shows possibility of terrorist actions here remain real, you can imagine if the tragedy occurred, i could see this person designated as a lone wolf. it is a graphic demonstration of just how thick the connections are, what a web there is. as you point out, some authorizes warn this holiday
5:38 pm
season, a lot of travel, a lot of crowds, parades, shopping, this is a time to be very alert. liz: news is not out there. we're respecting have you been on this -- reporting, in europe, terrorist officials in netherlands saying that isis tell their terrorists don't come to iraq and syria stay in europe, we may need you to activate the you know the sleeper cells to do attacks. they become into united states do you agree with incoming trump administration to shut down immigration, refugees from countries that harbor terrorists. >> we had that system in the bush administration it no different from how you screen people whether they are on tourist visas or business visas, in from a country that a drug producer or illegal drug exporter. you worry about exports drugs than you -- say from colombia
5:39 pm
than from iceland, and you worry about terrorists from state sponsors of terrorism like iran or scene of activity like syria than from someone in from iceland it has nothing to do with religious profiling but with the reality of where the threat is coming from, it was used during bush administration, no one ca complained about it then. liz: we have a respect that mitt romney is -- hospital that mitt romney i -- we have a report that mitt romney is in the running mr. secretary of state. >> i am old school about this, i don't comment about it or press reports. i know press wants, i think it is better to just let it pass. liz: all right. thank you ambassador,. >> thank you.
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liz: when you hear the news come on this show, this is deirdre bolton's show, and break it thank you. >> thank you. >> let's get to a super model's super, apology, apologizes for her criticize the impression of incoming first lady. >> this is my melania trump impression. >> i love my husband, president barack obama. >> her apology coming up, and my guest, this story for you, rapper kanye west hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation, after this political rant went viral. we have this react soon, don't go away. >> obama could not make america great, because he could not -- obama.
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>> their is my melania trump impression. i have to get the face right. i love my husband. president barack obama. and our children sasha and mali malia. liz: celebrity fashion model apologizing. saying, i believe melania understands show business and the way that shows are written and run, i ash pol apologize to anyone that i offended and i have best wishes for our
5:45 pm
country. critics still calling out gigihadid and going after president elect first lady is out of bounds. what did you think? >> i have to tell you, i'm not sure what the fuss is about. we can go to vaughn meter, before your time imitating john f. kennedy, put out records and laura banini on colbert imitating melania, i hate to see it, donald trump did you not like the skits about him, melania has to get used to it. this was aake off of her taking words from michelle obama in her campaign speech, she has put herself out there. liz: we didn't see any people making up if of michelle obama
5:46 pm
since 2008, it has been a unspoken rule in washington, d.c., you don't go after family members, they can't defend themselves from the press. >> i don't think -- she gave a convention speech, she spoke on campaign trail, in suburban, pennsylvania. liz: should he b she be made fun of like that? >> what is this that she said was so offensive? again, she was trying to morph two things, accent that is very, you know imitatible. and this business about cribbing from michelle obama's speech, was it in poor taste, it are noit, it was not in great taste, but i don't think there is a rule about not bringing a political spouse into the fold, if this is worst that melania trump is subjected to, she is going to get off easy in my opinion? the worst, wow, you are a tough cookie.
5:47 pm
>> does everything have to be politicized? can we just have a break from it. >> rapper kanye west has been hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. after this political rant went viral. liz: kanye west got negative feedback from fans, yesterday he canceled the remainder of his tour, gina is with us. kanye reportedly getting a lot of hate over social media for saying he supports donald trump. why are his fans shocked? >> it because they live in this psychological bubble that is full of their own brand of bigotry, they think only
5:48 pm
bigotry that exists is bigotry that did you not agree with what they think in hollywood. but their own brand of bigs on theory is think -- bigotry is everyone must agree with them, otherwise they are a bunch of racists, for can questio kanye west to make a statement that is positive for any republican, is not accepted. there are underground network of actors and producers that band together because they do not agree with the leftist thinking. >> aorike have said jon voight says that hollywood is very incom very intolerant of views. >> if donald trump takes responsibility for wacky things that kanye west said about how we live in racist country, i don't think that
5:49 pm
anyone wanting to impute that to donald trump, i don't know how much we should say that kanye west is or is not a representative of what hollywood thinks, jon voight as a point. >> gina. >> thank you. it would be nice, you know in light of what happened in hamilton, if actors acted, singers sang, and ball players played ball, that would make america better and less divided. liz: thank you. >> thank you. >> remember when you were not allowed to talk about religion and politics. not so much fun. >> college students skip class, my next guest said only thing that will stop them is thanksgiving break, and how
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with one of our lowest monthly premiums and $0 copays for tier 1 prescription drugs when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ [♪] liz: high school and college students, many of whom did not vote, are continuing to skip class to protest donald trump's fair election across the country. the only thing that will stop the protesters is thanksgiving break. what if they bring the protests
5:54 pm
to the thanksgiving dinner table. our next guest has advice on how to deal with your student protesters. they are coming home for thanksgiving, what do you think parents should do? >> parents need to remember their kids are their own fault. trump and hillary will come and go, but family is forever. don't let this divide your family. the way you do that is to try to model the behavior we need to see a whole lot more of in our country, which is teaching our children how to be disagreeable and still respectful. we have way too much disrespect for the ideas and opinions of other people. and we need to teach our kids that there is a process with all grieving. it goes from shock to disbelief and at some point you have to have acceptance.
5:55 pm
their mama didn't die it was an election, get over it. learn to accept it. if you don't like the results. then do something by the next time when you do vote. liz: do positive things to help the country. but you said parents must hold themselves accountable. what do you mean? >> they taught their kids that somehow this was acceptable behavior. they probably as parents didn't impose consequences when they saw behavior they didn't approve of. if your kid comes home and you find out they are skipping class, you have to remind your child that you are probably paying for them to go to school. going to school and attending class is their job. because they are paying for it, you have the expectation they will be going to class regardless of how they feel politically. we have to understand. we don't always get our way.
5:56 pm
and we don't get to not show up for work just because we don't get our way. you need to teach your kids there will be a consequence if they treat going to class like they get to skip it because they didn't go their way. liz: we have sanctuary cities and now there is a movement for sanctuary campuses. there is a petition for rutgers to being a sanctuary campus. >> i think it's a horrible idea. we are americans first. we are citizens first. we are students and the rest second. liz: thank you so much for your time. up next we have a job block pane obama administration executive order that would have extended overtime pay to 4.2 million
5:57 pm
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elizabeth: thank you for welcoming us into your home. we'll be live for the biggest shopping day of the year, charles payne next. charles: another record day for the trump rally as the dow smashes through 19,000. all the other major he can when it indices surged. we saw it in house and retail sales. momentum already in motion before the election and there is every reason to believe that moves made bialek could put this rally into overdrive. retailers surged. burlington coat factory. dollar tree and chicago toes. existing home sales climbing to


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